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Edx Solution

What is EDX Solution's Enterprise Edition and what does it do?

Edx Solution is a complete enterprise systems knowledge, training and process improvement solution

-Delivers unprecedented speed, flexibility and ease of use

-Automates the creation of documentation, simulations and live in-application software support all mainstream
MS -Windows based applications including major enterprise systems.

-Provides extensive customisation and editing capabilities

-Generates an interactive library of transaction processes complete with screenshots and step by step instruction, ready to enable end users, project managers, process/business analysts/consultants to create simulated real time environments corresponding to their role and their need.

-Provides real time contextual support to the users ‘live' in their application environment.

-Documents, Simulations and Contextual In-Application Support can also be generated in multiple languages
making our solution a truly global enterprise solution.

-Provides multiple concurrent licenses and includes all software and server components required to capture,
create and deploy a comprehensive library of automated documentation, interactive simulations and live in-
application support.

Edx Solutioin is designed for an organisation's Training-Content Authors and business process managers - enabling them to create and deploy automated documentation, simulations, training materials and Contextual live in application support for all mainstream windows based software applications.

Our Solutions provides a collaborative authoring environment where multiple authors and developers can store competed learning materials for later deployment to end users.

Edx Solution also provides Electronic Productivity Support Systems (EPSS) by deploying an EPSS client on each end user machine. This provides access to all learning materials and as well as context sensitive or Just-in-time help through easy to follow Task ‘Cue' cards ensuring high levels of competence for all employees.

Using the Epiance award winning ‘capture' technology epiCaptiva simply records the steps and functions of the tasks within a software application and generates a variety of desired simulation and document types including:

Audio-Visual Simulation (Playback, Practice and Test modes) in the following formats:

– Web Based (DHTML) – SCORM® Compliant
– Flash Movie (.swf) – SCORM® Compliant
– Workflow based

Documents (Software Documentation, User guides, System procedure guides, Training manuals, Training slides, Task ‘Cue' cards) in the following formats:

– Flash Simulation outputs
– Microsoft Word (.doc)
– PDF (.pdf)
– MS PowerPoint (.ppt)
– XML (.XML DocBook Compliant)

– Online Assessments (HTML)
– ‘Cue' cards for practice on Live Applications
– Task ‘Cue' Cards for context sensitive help (HTML) whilst completing a task live in an application
– Online Web Presentation

Why is Edx Solution's Enterprise Edition so unique?

Edx Solution increases productivity by delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy. This is achieved through edx simulation technology's depth of capture – meaning that higher levels of application information, structure, control and details are incorporated into the finished output. This substantially reduces the need for extensive editing and re-working by the subject matter experts or content authors.

Edx Solution's unique collaborative authoring environment ensures that all the authoring and content files are stored in a centralized repository and provides Version control capabilities are also provided by this repository. A predefined e-mail workflow takes care of notifying all the stake holders the latest status updates of development activities, thus ensuring smooth communication flow across various functional divisions in an enterprise.

Edx Solution is available in multiple language output sets including; English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Arabic, Hindi, Kannada and Hebrew and others. Though the base document template is available in English, epiCaptiva provides the flexibility to create/edit the templates in the language of your choice.

Who uses Edx simulation solutions Enterprise Edition?

Edx Solution Enterprise Edition is an ideal time saving tool in an enterprise for:

Training Content Developers – Create e-Learning contents for training.

Process Management Team – Ensure employees to adhere to the best practice.

Project Managers – Create service manuals and process documentation

Documentation Managers – Manage the productivity of Document generation

Training Managers – Create Training manuals, classroom slides, training guides and end user cue cards

Software Developers – Create System documentation, installation guides, user guides,

HR & Office Managers – Document business processes, staff support and induction (on boarding) manuals

Risk Managers – for Standardizing and documenting business processes

Change Managers – Create rapid documentation and distribution of process change

Technical writers – Create technical documentation, installation guides

System Administrators – Create systems documentation and systems validation

Help Desk professionals – Create task specific assistance information



Edx BPO Transition Kit

Smart migration . Reusable training environment, The exponent Framework for BPO operators

The Questions we answer

- How do you speed up the transition/migration cycle, get people on board and ready to operate in the
shortest possible time?
- And that, with hardly any errors in knowledge transfer?
- With productivity and performance assured from the first day of going Live?


We provide a framework that blends technology and Practice to enable the smartest and the
most effective migrations
Automated, rapid and complete capture of knowledge and practice at the client's location
Dynamic generation of process training environment
Simulated replica of the client's environment, punctuated, explained and qualified
Technology and best practice for rapid capture and conversion of the client's current operational
practices into a complete instruction, practice and certification environment
Fewer people manage the entire projects' cycle effectively
Routine task burden is minimized while core activities take center stage
Cost and Time for Migrations reduced, Quality improved


How do you then re-use the transitioned objects as a resource for managing the long Cycle of operating the process?

Can you cut the cost and time for replacing agents lost in attrition while seamlessly substituting them with equally if not more proficient agents?


The Simulation environment, once created during migration allows management for change.
It becomes a perpetual, propagating resource for inducting agents.
You can ramp up quickly, can substitute agents with time to spare.
You will see performance and productivity in a surpisingly short time taken to achieve competence.

Our Products

  • Edx Solution
    Real-time authoring tool for instant simulation based trainings.
  • Edx BPO Transition kit
    Productivity & Performance assured from the first day of going live.
  • Automated Documentation
    Instant Process documentation as you navigate through your application